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What is RSS?


RSS is a format for delivering content feeds from websites. RSS is very handy for people who regularly check their favourite sites for updates. The user who is subscribed to an RSS feed can easily see if the site is updated without having to visit it.

Veikko's Blur Page offers an RSS feed for its site updates. Once the site is updated, you will get a simple notice to your desktop, browser or where ever you have decided to read your RSS feeds.


Before you can subscribe to a feed, you need to have an application or a web browser that can read them. Popular reader applications are, for example, Feedly and NewsBlur (nothing to do with the band ;). If you want to read feeds with Google Chrome, you need to install an extension, such as RSS Feed Reader.

RSS feed
Click here for Veikko's Blur Page RSS feed

The address of the Veikko's Blur Page RSS feed is: www.vblurpage.com/feed.xml

For the user of a RSS reader program, there are multiple ways to subscribe to a feed:

  • Copy and paste the address into your reader
  • Drag the address into your reader
  • Drag the orange RSS logo into your reader

And Voilą!

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