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 Alex James   Alex James presenting On Your Farm
 Topical farming magazine on BBC Radio 4

Jan 7 Alex gives Adam Henson a tour of his 200-acre Cotswold farm. Alex is a guest on the programme.
Jan 14 Alex visits Willowbrook organic chicken farm near Oxford.
Feb 4 Alex visits the headquarters of the renewable energy company responsible for the world's biggest wind farm.
Mar 4 Alex meets a rare beast, a happy dairy farmer.
Apr 15 Alex asks how farmers will benefit from the reopening of the Cotswold Way.
May 6 Alex meets a Hampshire farmer whose solution to low milk prices is home deliveries.
May 20 Alex meets conductor John Eliot Gardiner at his organic farm in Dorset.
Jun 10 Alex tours Bredon Hill, Worcs, with a farmer who is opening his gates to the public.
Aug 12 Alex visits a Gloucestershire farm which suffered in last month's floods.
Aug 19 Alex visits some newcomers to farming in Shropshire.
Oct 7 Alex visits some newcomers to farming in Shropshire, along with their pigs.

Feb 10 Alex meets a Worcestershire onion magnate who has turned to farming Highland cattle.
Apr 13 Alex meets a Sussex family who sell unpasteurised milk straight to the customer.
May 11 Alex visits an Aberdeenshire pig farm which turns dung into electric power.
Jul 6 Alex looks at small-scale farmers in Africa.
Aug 10 Alex visits Norfolk to assess the state of this summer's harvest.
Sep 14 Alex visits the first farm to be hit by the Bluetongue virus last September.
Oct 19 Alex visits the first of the three finalists in this year's Food and Farming Awards.
Oct 26 Alex visits the second of the three finalists in this year's Food and Farming Awards.
Nov 2 Alex is in Norfolk to meet the third finalist of the BBC Farmer of the Year competition.

Jan 11 Alex meets three brothers from Leicestershire who have inherited 80 acres of land.
Jan 18 Alex visits a flock of sheep that are famous for their milk rather than their wool.
Mar 15 Alex meets some of the youngsters who visit Highfields care farm in Derbyshire.
Apr 26 Alex visits Oxfordshire to see how pheasants are reared for game shooting.
May 10 Alex meets Julian Hodge, a Devon butcher with a passion for meat and motorbikes.
Aug 2 Alex visits Truckfest to find out if cows and campers can really get along.
Oct 18 Alex visits one of the BBC's Farmer of the Year nominees.
Oct 25 Alex James and Chris Haskins visit one of the 2009 Farmer of the Year nominees.
Nov 1 Alex meets the final nominee for the 2009 BBC Farmer of the Year award.

Mar 7 Alex visits opera star and ecologist Simon Keenlyside in the Welsh mountains.
Oct 17 Alex is in Hertfordshire to meet a finalist for this year's BBC Farmer of the Year.
Oct 24 Alex visits a salmon farmer in the Isle of Mull.
Oct 31 Alex is in Kent to visit one of the country's biggest orchards.

Sep 11 Alex visits one of the oldest cheese-making families in England.

Programme descriptions are courtesy of BBC.


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