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Blur - Miscellaneous interviews

Audio/video interviews published on TV, radio and internet. Also includes appearances as a show presenter.

Date published: Interviewer / feature title: Where published: Interviewee(s):
Jan 1 Top of the Pops: The True Story BBC One Damon Albarn

Jan 30 BBC News BBC Alex James
Jan BBC News BBC World Damon & Alex
Late Jul (?) ITV News ITV Alex & Dave Rowntree

Jun 14 Parklife: The Blur Story (Part 1) BBC Radio 2 Blur
Jun 21 Parklife: The Blur Story (Part 2) BBC Radio 2 Blur

Oct UK Music Hall of Fame Channel 4 Graham Coxon, Alex, Stephen Street, Andy Ross, John Harris & Steve Lamacq

Aug 16 The Britpop Story: 'It Really, Really, Really Could Happen' BBC Four Graham

Nov 10 Nemone BBC 6 Music Alex sits in for Nemone, plus Dave as a guest

Jun 30 Seven Ages of Rock (Episode 7: What the World is Waiting For: Indie Rock) BBC Two Damon, Alex & Stephen Street

May 3 The Record Producers - Stephen Street BBC Radio 2 Graham & Stephen Street
May 9 The Record Producers - Stephen Street - The Extended Cut BBC 6 Music Graham & Stephen Street

Jun 9 London Calling (Episode 1: Fuck Art Let's Dance) Arte Graham
Aug 22 Steve Lamacq BBC Radio 6 Music Damon pays tribute to Miti Adhikari

? Video Killed the Radio Star: Blur ? Robert Elms plus archive interviews with Blur, Pedro Romhanyi & Damien Hirst

Apr 6 How Britpop Changed the Media BBC Radio 6 Music Alex
Aug 23 Blur/Oasis: La guerre de la Britpop Arte Stephen Street, Andy Ross and more

Jun 13 The 90s: Ten Years That Changed the World Channel 4 Alex

Feb 19 Interview by NME NME's YouTube channel Graham

Jan to Feb Hits, Hype & Hustle: An Insider's Guide to the Music Business (Episodes: Making a Star, On the Road, Revivals and Reunions) BBC Four Alex
Nov 14 Demo Tapes - Dave Rowntree Demo Tapes podcast Dave
Nov 28 BIMM - Inside the Music Industry - Dave Rowntree: 'Blur and Beyond' BIMM - Inside the Music Industry podcast Dave

Jun 22 Glastonbury's Greatest Headliners BBC Two Damon

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