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About Interviews Archive

The goal is to list all audio/video interviews that were published:

  • on TV
  • on radio
  • on internet
  • by news agencies (AP, Reuters etc.)
  • on EPKs

Also included are presenter/DJ appearances.

Where possible, links to the official websites of the interviews are added (or sites that offer valuable info about the interviews).

What is not included?

  • Short interviews conducted by fans
  • Unremarkable B-roll footage or outtakes
  • Interviews from Getty Images
  • Rebroadcasts
  • Programmes that contain interviews only from EPKs or other official promos (Focusing In With Blur, 15on13 etc.)

What was the inspiration behind the archive?

In my experience, it has become increasingly difficult to find older material on the web: Google focuses on fresh content and older posts can be time consuming to find on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Because old-school fan sites have pretty much died away, it feels like there's almost nobody making compact lists of interviews anymore. That is why the Interviews Archive was born.

I hope the archive will serve as a handy reference for Blur fans. The project took me around 600 hours to complete, so I would hate to see it go waste.

Please note that this is not a "download/streaming archive". If you're looking for some particular interview that isn't available anymore, I'm more than happy to help you (you can contact me here). Any corrections, suggestions and, of course, new interviews are also welcome.


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