October 1, 2003 - Blur Fan Club:

Anna & The Moods

www.bjork.com has recently posted the new story (see below) concerning Damon's (and Bjork's) involvement in an animated film entitled "Anna & The Moods". The facts are that Damon has been approached to provide a “cameo” voice in this and has expressed an interest, but nothing is confirmed yet. Apparently the movie is still being scripted at this stage.

Anna & The Moods is turning heads around everywhere she goes! Terry, Bjrk, Julian, Damon, Brodsky and Gunnar all know Anna and her moods too well! It sure gives us real pleasure to have the world premiere of the trailer for this animated film, in which Bjrk, will in a special appearance, lend her voice to Anna, the perfect child that one day wakes up, looking like a sad version of Marilyn Manson. Terry Jones is the narrator for the film. Terry is best known for being a part of the all time famous Monty Pythons. Damon Albarn of Blur and Gorillaz will be appearing as Mr. Young, Anna's father. If that is not enough we do have Sjn, the Academy Award nominated script-writer and lyricist, will star as Dr. Artmann. He performed the story live on a tour with the Brodsky Quartet earlier in the year. The tour received great reviews in the UK press and Sjn was a natural for the role of the mad scientist. Music is composed by Julian Nott and performed by the Brodsky Quartet. The film is directed and visually created by Gunnar Karlsson, is based on a story by Sjn who also is responsible for the script. Anna and the Moods is being produced by CAOZ of Reykjavik. The movie is scheduled for release in Reykjavk at the year-end of 2004.

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