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July 25, 2003 - vblurpage.com:

Damon appears on new Terry Hall/Mushtaq album

Damon Albarn appears on the new Terry Hall/Mushtaq album The Hour Of Two Lights (Honest Jon's - HJRCD5). His vocals and melodica are on the track "Ten Eleven". Here are extracts from the press release concerning Damon's involvement:

‘The Hour Of Two Lights’ has followed a long and winding journey since Damon Albarn first suggested it was time for Hall to make another solo album and that his own new label, Honest Jon's was the ideal outlet for it. The two were old friends, the Blur singer appeared on Hall's last album, 1997's ‘Laugh’ and Hall returned the compliment on Albarn's Gorillaz project.

On ‘Ten Eleven’, Hall's voice is joined by Romany Rad, a group of Polish gypsy refugees living in the East End, the blind Algerian rapper Mohammed and Albarn. "Well we couldn't really keep Damon and his melodica off, could we?", jokes Hall. "It's his label."

The album was recorded at 13 Studios and was released on July 21.

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