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Apr 21, 2003 - Blur Fan Club:

Graham gig at RFH

Graham played a 13 song gig at London's Royal Festival Hall on Friday night (18th). Opening with 4 solo acoustic tracks and playing the remainder of the set with a three piece band (including Transcopic jazz pianist Louis Vause), Coxon put on a spectacular show. FC member Simon Henry reports: "Graham played with masses of energy - energy which seemed to last until the end of the whole set. He was so shy and yet so strong, laughing nervously but playing with a passion not seen by any of us for a long time. We all know he is the most gifted and talented guitarist of his generation but tonight, for once, Graham knew it too." Full set-list: Latte ; R U Lonley ; Baby You're Out of Your Mind ; Live Line ; Bitter Tears ; Escape Song ; That's All I Wanna Do ; I Wish ; It Aint No Lie ; That's When I Reach for my Revolver ; Fags & Failure ; You Will Never Be ; Big Bird

In other news, Mojo magazine (with Macca on the cover - #114, May 2003) contains a short article by Graham Coxon called "Last Night A Record Changed My Life" in which the guitarist waxes lyrical over "Are You Experienced?" by The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Mojo also gives "Think Tank" 4 Stars: "Invigorating and intriguing, as hummable as it is inventive, Think Tank really justifies Alex James' claims that it is 'next level shit'. As immediate as Massive Attacks 100th Window is opaque, it's also very possibly the best thing Blur have done... Think Tank clearly demostrates - frequently and magisterially - the only real option is to move on, and keep it moving."

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