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Beached Whale (4 Track Demo)

A morbid fascination
With all things in extreme
Municipal thought
Has fathered dull it seems
It's early in the morning
I've given up on sleep
I'm in need of attention
But all I hear is my heart beat

What a shame
What a shame
What a terrible shame
A terminal standard
Has left us the same
"I need someone who's here," she said
"You're never here"
Staying one step ahead her

The inner city fauna
That grows around my feet
I've never really noticed it
Convergence is complete
I'm in perpetual fear
Of being swallowed whole
Then pushed up in the suburbs
In the stomach of a whale
A beached whale


Staying one step ahead

Domestic desperation
Begin to stir at me
I bought it for displaying
But respectability
Afflictions (pictures? reflections?) of the present
Are afflictions of the past
They put me in a room
And watch me behind the plate glass


Lyrics transcribed by Duncan with corrections by Pez.

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