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It's A Blur Song!

 Songs featured in commercials, movies, series, events etc.              
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What series have featured the songs the most?
Did you know?

Song Title Featured in:
  • a trailer for an unknown series
  • an MTV advert (on MTV Nordic)
  • MTV On The Beach (MTV program)
  • Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares (program)
  • Top Gear (program)
  • an unknown UK program about war in Iraq
  • Kookyville (program)
  • My Mad Fat Diary ("Don't Ever Tell Anyone Anything") (series)
  • As If (series)
  • Unbreakable (movie trailer)
  • an unknown football program
  • MTV Movie Awards 2000 (Saving Private Ryan trailer)
  • Daria ("Too Cute") (series)
  • My Mad Fat Diary ("Rewind") (series)
  • an unknown German movie
Beetlebum (Moby's Mix)
  • Burnside (series)
  • Slendor (movie)
  • an advert for Bottom series
  • MTV At Quart Festival '99 (program)
Blue Jeans
Brothers And Sisters
  • Top Gear (program)
Charmless Man
  • Renault (advert) (Italy)
  • I Love The 90's (VH1 show)
  • Mission London (movie)
  • The Real World: Miami (MTV series)
  • in the background on MTV while VJ is talking
Chemical World
  • My Mad Fat Diary ("Girls") (series)
Coffee & TV
  • Biete Rostlaube, suche Traumauto (a German program)
  • Cruel Intentions (movie)
  • Daria ("Antisocial Climbers") (series)
  • EastEnders (series)
  • Inspector Frost (series)
  • Rach, der Restauranttester (a German program)
  • The Sopranos ("Pine Barrens") (series)
  • in the background of a show called 24/7
  • MTV programs:
    • Ashlee Simpson Show
    • Ben Stiller Uncensored
    • DisMissed
    • FANatic - George Clooney
    • Made Actress
    • MTV Movie Awards Uncensored
    • Newly Weds
    • Pimp My Ride
    • True Life
  • Also used in many VH1 programs
Colin Zeal
  • Grampo MTV (MTV Brazil program)
  • Bargain Hunt (BBC program)
Country Sad Ballad Man
  • Grampo MTV (MTV Brazil program)
  • This Life (series)
  • an unknown cigarette advert
  • an unknown German movie
  • an unknown UK program about space
Country House
  • an advert for Beeny's Restoration Nightmare program
  • Daria ("I Don't") (series)
  • Fresh Meat (series)
  • I Love The 90's (VH1 show)
  • My Mad Fat Diary ("Who is Stan Ford?") (series)
  • Only Fools and Horses ("Modern Men") (series)
  • Tail Daters (MTV show)
  • Wozzup (an Italian program)
Cowboy Song
  • Dead Man On Campus (movie)
Crazy Beat
  • Levi's ("Car") (advert)
  • Teen Nick (advert on Nickelodeon)
  • an advert for Michael Carroll: King of Chavs documentary on Channel 4
  • an advert for an unknown program on MTV Nordic
  • Gilmore Girls ("In the Clamor and the Clangor") (series)
  • The Real International Football Factories (program)
  • Top Gear (program)
  • a documentary about Dream Team series
  • MTV programs:
    • DisMissed
    • Meet the Barkers
    • Real World
    • Room Raiders
    • MTV Movie Awards 2003 (Kick It Like Beckham trailer)
    • MTV Music Video Awards 2003
  • Basketball game in the USA
Death Of A Party
  • Burnside (trailer)
The Debt Collector
  • Big Brother (show) (UK)
  • I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! (show) (UK)
End Of A Century
  • My Mad Fat Diary ("Friday") (series)
Far Out
  • My Mad Fat Diary ("It's a Wonderful Rae: Part 2") (series)
  • an astronomy program on The Science Channel
French Song
  • an advert for a local TV station (Channel 4) in Mexico City
Gene By Gene
  • Top Gear (program)
Get Out Of Cities
  • The Box (advert)
  • Top Gear (program)
Girls & Boys
  • an advert for MTV's DisMissed competition
  • As If (series)
  • Bargain Hunt (BBC program)
  • Being Erica ("Born This Way") (series)
  • Derry Girls (series)
  • Diary of Girls Aloud (MTV program)
  • Hollyoaks (series)
  • House of America (movie)
  • I Love The 90's (VH1 show)
  • LOL (Laughing Out Loud) (movie)
  • My Mad Fat Diary ("Ladies and Gentlemen") (series)
  • Newsnight (BBC program)
  • in the background on MTV just before the commercial break
  • on Eurosport
  • 2012 Summer Olympics
Go Out
  • Soccer AM (Sky Sports program)
Good Song
  • an advert for E4's Big Brother in the UK
  • The Best Job in the World (BBC documentary)
  • Wish You Were Here (series)
He Thought Of Cars
  • Hollyoaks (series)
  • an advert for BBC's Wimbledon coverage
  • Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares (program)
  • Top Gear (program)
It Could Be You
  • Dude, Where's My Car? (movie)
  • My Mad Fat Diary ("Friday" and "Touched") (series)
  • This Morning (ITV show)
London Loves
Lonesome Street
  • Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life ("Spring") (series)
Lot 105
  • an advert for Qu ms quisiera yo (a Spanish  program)
  • Soccer AM (Sky Sports program)
  • Total Wipeout (program)
  • Welcome to Sarajevo (movie)
Money Makes Me Crazy (Marrakech Mix)
  • Real Story (BBC program)
  • Soccer A.M. (Sky Sports program)
  • Write When You Get Work (movie)
Moroccan Peoples Revolutionary Bowls Club
  • an advert for a football tournament on Channel 5 (UK)
  • Top Gear (program)
Movin' On
  • Jetset (series?)
  • an unknown German movie
Music Is My Radar
  • Becoming Blink 182 (MTV program)
  • a radio advert for an Italian website
  • Brit Awards 2001 (in the background)
No Distance Left To Run
  • Hollyoaks (series)
On Your Own
  • an unknown German advert
  • Top 20 Goaaaal! (Eurosport program)
On Your Own (Crouch End Broadway Mix)
  • The Beach (movie)
Ong Ong
  • The 2015 FA Cup final: Arsenal v Aston Villa (prematch playlist)
Out Of Time
  • Big Brother's Little Brother (program)
  • Cleanskin (movie)
  • Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares (program)
  • Real Story (BBC program)
  • Chanel (advert)
  • Coca-Cola (advert)
  • Nike (advert)
  • Vitality (advert)
  • Pal dog food advert in Australia
  • an advert for Britain's Parking Hell program
  • an advert for Regular Show
  • nima (series)
  • Bargain Hunt (BBC program)
  • Doctors ("Go Round and Round and Round") (series)
  • Grimsby (movie)
  • I Love The 90's (VH1 show)
  • Mayor of the Sunset Strip (movie)
  • Never Mind the Buzzcocks (BBC show)
  • Olympics 2012: 50 Greatest Moments (BBC program)
  • Top Gear (program)
  • Total Wipeout (program)
  • 2010 Australian Grand Prix on BBC
  • 2012 Summer Olympics: the closing ceremony and swimming
  • Entrance music for Norwich City F.C.
People In Europe
  • The One Show (BBC program)
  • ER (trailer)
  • Hollyoaks (series)
  • My Mad Fat Diary ("Radar") (series)
  • Top Gear (program)
  • This Morning (ITV show)
  • Trainspotting (movie)
  • 2012 Summer Olympics on BBC (a cycling montage)
Song 2
So You (a variation)
  • Ordinary Decent Criminal (movie)
  • This Life (series)
Sunday Sunday
  • Paramount Comedy (advert)
  • A Question Of Sport (BBC program)
Swamp Song
  • a program about sharks, presented by John Peel
Sweet Song
  • an unknown advert in Italy
  • Nikita ("Sanctuary") (series)
  • Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares (program)
  • Sinchronicity (series)
  • Sugar Rush (Channel 4 program)
  • Co-op ("Christmas is coming together") (advert)
  • Gateway (advert)
  • an unknown bank/investing advert in the US
  • Daria (series)
  • Fresh Meat (series)
  • Impractical Jokers (program)
  • James May's Cars of the People (program)
  • Long Way Round (series & DVD advert)
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream (BBC comedy)
  • MTV At Quart Festival '99 (program)
  • Playing Mona Lisa (movie)
  • Prom Date (MTV series)
  • Southland Tales (movie)
  • Three's A Crowd (series)
  • To Russia With Love (BBC documentary)
  • The Young Americans (series)
There's No Other Way
  • Biography Channel (advert)
  • LeatherCoat (advert) (Canada)
  • Miller Genuine Draft (advert)
  • an unknown English advert
  • an advert for Little Angels series
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer ("Triangle") (series)
  • Dennis (a Belgian series)
  • Doctor Who Confidential (BBC program)
  • I Love The 90's (VH1 show)
  • Ich leih' mir eine Familie (movie)
  • Morning Joe (program)
  • The World's End (movie)
This Is A Low
  • Jonathan Meades: Off-Kilter (BBC documentary)
To The End
  • As If (series)
  • Misfits (series)
  • My Mad Fat Diary ("Not I" and "Radar") (series)
Top Man
  • Jox (a Finnish program)
Trimm Trabb
  • Millennium ("Darwin's Eye") (series)
  • Roswell ("Busted") (series)
  • Tomorrow's World (BBC program)
Under The Westway
  • Parenthood ("Because You're My Sister") (series)
The Universal
We've Got A File On You
  • an advert for Smallville series in Spain
  • The Real International Football Factories (program)
  • Friday Night with Jonathan Ross (BBC show)
Y'All Doomed
  • The 2015 FA Cup final: Arsenal v Aston Villa (halftime playlist)

Damon Albarn:
Closet Romantic
Dub Lola (by Damon Albarn & Einar rn Benediktsson)
  • an advert for CBeebies on BBC
  • an advert for The House of Tiny Tearaways series on BBC
Everyday Robots (Instrumental)
  • Write When You Get Work (movie)
Heavenly Peach Banquet
  • 90210 ("Between a Sign and a Hard Place") (series)
Heavy Seas Of Love (Instrumental)
  • Write When You Get Work (movie)
The History Of A Cheating Heart (Instrumental)
  • Write When You Get Work (movie)
Makelekele (by Damon Albarn & Malian musicians)
  • Africa Lives program on BBC
Mr Tembo
  • Bag Verden - med Tobias (a Danish program)
Niger (by Damon Albarn & Malian musicians)
  • Top Gear (program)
  • Write When You Get Work (movie)
Seven High
  • Write When You Get Work (movie)
Sister Rust
Sunnyside Farm (by Damon Albarn & Phil Daniels)
Sunset Coming On (by Damon Albarn & Malian musicians)
  • Top Gear (program)
You And Me (Instrumental)
  • Write When You Get Work (movie)

Graham Coxon:
Bittersweet Bundle Of Misery
  • Sainsbury (advert)
Feel Alright
  • Countryfile (BBC program)
Freakin' Out
  • The O.C. (series)
The Implodium Implodes (performed by Kingsley & Oregon)
In The Morning
  • Countryfile (BBC program)
Outta My League, Dear
  • I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here (show)
Sorrow's Army
  • Countryfile (BBC program)
  • Six Feet Under (series)
There Is Mean Things Happening In This Land
We're Out There Somewhere
  • The Riot Club (movie)
What'll It Take
  • Fresh Meat (series)
You & I
You Never Will Be
  • Mercury Music Prize (advert)

The Good, The Bad & The Queen:
80's Life
  • Christmas Anchor (?) (advert)
The Good, The Bad & The Queen
  • Skins ("Tony") (series)
Green Fields
  • Skins ("Tony") (series)
Kingdom Of Doom

Kissin' Time (by Marianne Faithfull feat. Blur)
Vindaloo (by Fat Les)
  • An unknown advert on Virgin Radio UK


What series have featured the songs the most?

My Mad Fat Diary

  • Badhead
  • Beetlebum
  • Chemical World
  • Country House
  • End Of A Century
  • Far Out
  • Girls & Boys
  • It Could Be You
  • Sing
  • Song 2
  • To The End
  • The Universal
Top Gear
  • Ambulance
  • Brothers And Sisters
  • Crazy Beat
  • Gene By Gene
  • He Thought Of Cars
  • Jets
  • Moroccan Peoples Revolutionary Bowls Club
  • Niger
  • Parklife
  • Sing
  • Song 2
  • Sunset Coming On


  • Beetlebum
  • Coffee & TV
  • Country House
  • Song 2
  • The Universal
Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares
  • Ambulance
  • Jets
  • Out Of Time
  • Sweet Song
  • The Universal

As If

  • Battle
  • Caramel
  • Girls & Boys
  • To The End


  • Girls & Boys
  • He Thought Of Cars
  • No Distance Lef To Run
  • Sing
Did you know?
  • Tommy Hilfiger once asked to use "Girls & Boys" in their advertising campaign.
  • Song 2 is by far the most used Blur song. For example, it has been featured on at least five car ads (BMW, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault and Toyota).
  • The American army wanted to use "Song 2" as the theme music for video packages when they unveiled the new stealth bomber, but the band didn't allow it.
  • Blur's music was regularly featured on The Cricket Show on Channel 4 in 2003.

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