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The Jaded Hearts Club Band live at Madame Siam, 2018


   Kick Out The Jams (MC5 cover)
   Have Love, Will Travel
(Richard Berry
   Why Don't We Do It In The Road?
        (The Beatles cover)
   Back In The U.S.S.R. (The Beatles
   Sunshine Of Your Love (Cream cover)
   Money (That's What I Want)
        Strong cover)
   Can't Explain (The Who cover)
   Wild Thing
(The Troggs cover)
   I Saw Her Standing There
        Beatles cover)
   My Generation (The Who cover)
   Strange Brew
(Cream cover)
   Bad Boy
(Larry Williams cover)
   You Really Got Me
(The Kinks cover)
   Helter Skelter
(The Beatles cover)

   Setlist courtesy of setlist.fm.

Date: 12 October 2018 at 21:30
Venue: Madame Siam

Location: Los Angeles, USA
Support: unknown / none
Attendance: ~250
Tour: none



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