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Gorillaz live at Camden Brownhouse, 1998





Camden Brownhouse
The fictional Camden Brownhouse after the gig (as pictured in the Rise of the Ogre).

Date: 5 November 1998
Venue: Camden Brownhouse
Location: London, UK
Support: unknown / none
Attendance: ?
Tour: none

  • The fictional debut gig of Gorillaz.
  • Ended prematurely due to a riot during the first song "Punk".
  • Murdoc described the show for Noisey in 2016: "How did it go? Like any paradigm-shifting event, it overloaded people's synapses. They were so shell-shocked a massive riot broke out (which I predicted). The place got trashed, there were multiple casualties, and I picked up a range of STDs. Top night."
  • Despite the chaos, the band got a record deal with EMI instantly after gig. "As soon as they played 'Punk', I knew I'd seen the future of music," says the EMI A&R man Whiffy Smiffy [Mike Smith] in the Gorillaz autobiography Rise of the Ogre.

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