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Gorillaz live at Hovet, 2017


   M1 A1
   Last Living Souls
   Saturnz Barz
   Tomorrow Comes Today
   Rhinestone Eyes
   O Green World
   Every Planet We Reach Is Dead
   Sleeping Powder
   Superfast Jellyfish
(with Posdnuos &
        Dave of De La Soul)
   On Melancholy Hill
   Busted And Blue
   El Mañana
   Some Kind Of Nature
   (Interlude: Elevator Going Up)
   (Interlude: Penthouse)
   Sex Murder Party
(Jamie Principle &
        Zebra Katz)
   Garage Palace
(Little Simz)
   Kids With Guns
   We Got The Power
(Little Simz)

   - - Encore - -
   Feel Good Inc
(Posdnuos & Dave of
        De La Soul)
   Clint Eastwood
   Don't Get Lost In Heaven
   Demon Days

Date: 6 November 2017 at 19:30 (support act)
Venue: Hovet
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Support: Little Simz
Attendance: 8,300 (source)
Tour: Humanz

Reviews (in Swedish):

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