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Gorillaz live at III Points 2017


   M1 A1
   Last Living Souls
   Saturnz Barz
   Tomorrow Comes Today
   Rhinestone Eyes
   Sleeping Powder
   On Melancholy Hill
   Busted And Blue
   El Mañana
   She's My Collar
(with Kali Uchis)
(Peven Everett)
   (Interlude: Elevator Going Up)
   (Interlude: Penthouse)
   Sex Murder Party
(Jamie Principle &
        Zebra Katz)
   Out Of Body
(Kilo Kish, Zebra Katz &
   Superfast Jellyfish
(Posdnuos of
        De La Soul)
(Peven Everett)
   Clint Eastwood
   Plastic Beach

Date: 13 October 2017 at 23:30
Festival: III Points Music, Art & Technology Festival
Location: Mind Melt Stage, Mana Wynwood, Miami, USA
Attendance: ?
Tour: Humanz

  • "Plastic Beach" was performed. Damon said that "There is no more perfect Plastic Beach than Miami... After all these years, the song has come home."
  • He also revealed some of the inspiration behind the next Gorillaz album [The Now Now]: "I'm recording new music, and I record in every city. I'm staying at a hotel on the beach. It's a corner room with a balcony and a great vista. All day I've seen planes with banners pass by: Puff Daddy, Steve Aoki, Magic City, some bollocks vodka. Just so you know where the inspiration for the lyrics on the next album came from."


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