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Gorillaz live at Life is Beautiful 2017


   M1 A1
   Last Living Souls
   Saturnz Barz
   Tomorrow Comes Today
   Rhinestone Eyes
   Sleeping Powder
   On Melancholy Hill
   Busted And Blue
   El Mañana
   (Intro: I Switched My Robot Off)
   Let Me Out
(with Pusha T)
(Vince Staples)
(Peven Everett)
   (Interlude: Elevator Going Up)
   (Interlude: Penthouse)
   Sex Murder Party
(Jamie Principle &
        Zebra Katz)
   Superfast Jellyfish
(De La Soul)
   Kids With Guns
   We Got The Power
(Jehnny Beth)

   - - Encore - -
(Peven Everett)
   Feel Good Inc
(De La Soul)
   Clint Eastwood

Date: 24 September 2017 at 23:20
Festival: Life is Beautiful
Location: Downtown Stage, Downtown, Las Vegas, USA
Attendance: ?
Tour: Humanz

  • Video streamed live on Yahoo Music (available only in North America, UK and possibly in some other regions).
  • Oddly, the band didn't play "She's My Collar" even though Kali Uchis performed at the festival on the same day.


One of the postcards Gorillaz sent from their US tour.
One of the postcards Gorillaz sent from their US tour (via social media).

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