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Gorillaz live on The Graham Norton Show, 20


   We Got The Power (with Jehnny
        Beth and Noel Gallagher)


  • At the Humanz live performances, the album assistant engineer Samuel Egglenton played 'the great bell' on "We Got The Power". The bell cost 8,000, according to Damon Albarn.
  • When Graham Norton asked how Jehnny Beth got involved in Gorillaz, she replied "We met on Tinder".
  • Seye filmed video clips from the backstage for Gorillaz' Snapchat (see the clips on Hewlett's Art).
TV Show: The Graham Norton Show
Channel: BBC One

Location: The London Studios, London, UK
Tour: Humanz
Recorded: 4 May 2017
Broadcast: 5 May 2017

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