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Gorillaz live on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, 20


   Let Me Out (with Pusha T)


  • The band performed "Strobelite", "She's My Collar", "Andromeda" and "Feel Good Inc" as the web exclusive Bonus Tracks, published on 5th May 2017. "Strobelite" featured Peven Everett, "She's My Collar" Kali Uchis and "Feel Good Inc" Stephen Colbert (!).
  • "Let Me Out" was viewable on the show's YouTube channel.
TV Show: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Channel: CBS

Location: Ed Sullivan Theater, New York City, USA
Tour: Humanz
Recorded: 27 April 2017 (day)
Broadcast: 27 April 2017 (night)


Gorillaz performing "Let Me Out"
Gorillaz performing "Let Me Out". Photo by CBS (via Blur Mex).

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