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Gorillaz live at Printworks, 2017


   (Intro: I Switched My Robot Off)
(with Peven Everett)
   Saturnz Barz
(De La Soul & Azekel)
   (Interlude: The Non-Conformist
(Danny Brown, Kelela &
        Graham Coxon)

   (Interlude: Elevator Going Up)
   Busted And Blue
(Anthony Hamilton)
   Let Me Out (played twice)
(Pusha T)
   (Interlude: Penthouse)
   Sex Murder Party
(Jamie Principle &
        Zebra Katz)

   She's My Collar
(Kali Uchis)
   (Interlude: The Elephant)
   Hallelujah Money

   We Got The Power
(Jehnny Beth,
        Noel Gallagher & Jean-Michel Jarre)

   - - 1st Encore - -
   Kids With Guns
   Feel Good Inc
(De La Soul)
   Clint Eastwood
(Del the Funky
        Homosapien & Noel Gallagher)

   - - 2nd Encore - -
   Don't Get Lost In Heaven
   Demon Days

   Also see the original setlist.


A goodbye to the crowd. Photo by Mark Allan.

Date: 24 March 2017 at 21:00
Venue: Printworks
Location: London, UK
Support: none
Attendance: ?
Tour: Humanz

  • The live premiere of the entire Humanz album at a secret location
  • Tickets could be won through the official Gorillaz webstore. All proceeds from the show - which had the compulsory charity donation of 5 - went to support The White Helmets.
  • Graham Coxon made his surprise live debut with Gorillaz on "Submission". Other notable guests included Noel Gallagher, Jean-Michel Jarre and Del the Funky Homosapien.
  • "Let Me Out" was played twice due to requests from the crowd
  • On the Humanz tour, "Carnival", "Let Me Out" and "We Got The Power" were performed with extended outros
  • Parts of the show were streamed live in rather poor quality on Gorillaz' Facebook. The show was also filmed by Telekom Electronic Beats (so far, a few songs have been released on their YouTube channel).
  • The gig got very positive response from the audience and press: "It was flat-out one of the greatest gigs we've seen in a whole heap of years," wrote Time Out London.
  • The lineup of the band for Humanz shows:
    • Damon Albarn - vocals/keytar
    • Jeff Wootton - guitar
    • Seye - bass
    • Gabriel "Manuals" Wallace - drums
    • Karl Vanden Bossche - drums
    • Mike Smith - keyboards
    • Jesse Hackett - keyboards
    • Unknown backing vocalists

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