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Gorillaz live at Gibson Amphitheatre, 2010


   Orchestral Intro
   Welcome To The World Of The
        Plastic Beach (with Hypnotic Brass
   Last Living Souls
(Miho Hatori)
(Bobby Womack & Bootie Brown)
   On Melancholy Hill
   Rhinestone Eyes
   Superfast Jellyfish
(De La Soul)
   Tomorrow Comes Today
   Empire Ants
(Yukimi Nagano)
   Some Kind Of Nature
(Lou Reed)
(Hypnotic Brass Ensemble)
   Dirty Harry
(Bootie Brown)
   El Mañana
   Intro / White Flag
(Kano, Bashy & The
        American Syrian Orchestra)
   To Binge
(Yukimi Nagano)
(Roses Gabor)
   Glitter Freeze
   Plastic Beach
(Hypnotic Brass

- - Encore - -
   Cloud Of Unknowing
(Bobby Womack)
   Feel Good Inc
(De La Soul)
   Clint Eastwood
(Kano & Bashy)
   Don't Get Lost In Heaven
   Demon Days
(Bobby Womack)

Date: 27 October 2010
Venue: Gibson Amphitheatre
Location: Los Angeles, USA
Support: N.E.R.D
Attendance: 6,000 SOLD OUT
Tour: Escape To Plastic Beach

  • Lou Reed and Miho Hatori were present. Also, the guitarist Jeff Wootton was back in the band for the rest of the tour.
  • "Punk" wasn't written in the original setlist, but still played. Energic Paul Simonon fell on his bum during the song, but luckily wasn't hurt.
  • Damon commented the show for NME: "Tonight was so much fun. I am very, very lucky. I haven't played outside of England like this for 10, 12 years, and America was always such a struggle for Blur, even though we had a loyal cult thing going on here. It was never like this."
  • YouTube has some exceptionally excellent quality cam footage from the gig.


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