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Gorillaz live at Sarm Studios, 2005


   All Alone
(with Roots Manuva & Martina
(Shaun Ryder & Rosie Wilson)
   Dirty Harry
(Bootie Brown)
   El Mañana
   Feel Good Inc
(De La Soul)
   Kids With Guns
(Neneh Cherry)
   Last Living Souls
   Clint Eastwood
(Del La Soul & Bootie

The setlist is not in order.
    Setlist and notes courtesy of

Date: 22 & 23 May 2005
Venue: Sarm Studios
Location: London, UK
Attendance: none
Tour: Demon Detour

  • Recording of Demon Detour, some tracks were also broadcast by BBC Radio 1.
  • "All Alone" and "Clint Eastwood (with De La Soul and Bootie Brown)" were released as B-sides to Dirty Harry and DARE.
  • Several Gorillaz album live tracks were also aired on Demon Detour, but these were taken from a soundboard recording of a 2002 North American tour show. The tracks were:
    • 5/4
    • Clint Eastwood (with Jamal Gray)
    • Dracula
    • Punk
    • Re-Hash
    • Slow Country
    • Starshine
    • Sound Check (Gravity)
    • Tomorrow Comes Today

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