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The Good, The Bad & The Queen live at Bataclan, 2019


   (Mad Terry) (?)
   Merrie Land
   Gun To The Head
   Nineteen Seventeen
   The Great Fire
   Lady Boston
   Drifters & Trawlers
   The Truce Of Twilight
   The Last Man To Leave
   The Poison Tree

   (We're Gonna Hang Out) The
      Washing On Siegfried Line (by
      Demon Strings)

   History Song
   80's Life
   Kingdom Of Doom
   The Bunting Song
   Nature Springs
   A Soldier's Tale
   Three Changes
   Green Fields
   The Good, The Bad & The Queen

Date: 27 May 2019 at 20:45
Venue: Bataclan
Location: Paris, France
Support: Laura Cahen
Attendance: 1,500 SOLD OUT
Tour: Merrie Land



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