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The Good, The Bad & The Queen live on Mastertapes, 2018


   Three Changes
   Kingdom Of Doom
   Behind The Sun (?)
   Nature Springs
   The Good The Bad & The Queen (?)
   Merrie Land
   Gun To The Head
   The Poison Tree

The song order for the first part of the
    show may be incorrect. Setlist courtesy of
    Richard Linton and setlist.fm.


Photo from John Wilson's Twitter.

Radio Shows:

Station: BBC Radio 4
Location: Studio MV3, Maida Vale Studios, London, UK
Tour: Merrie Land

Recorded: 7 December 2018
Broadcast: 17 December 2018 ("Kingdom Of Doom", "Nature Springs" and "Three Changes") and 18 December 2018 ("Merrie Land", "Gun To The Head" and "Ribbons")

  • An interview and live session hosted by John Wilson.
  • In the A-side episode, the band were interviewed by John Wilson, while in the B-side episode the audience asked the questions. The A-side featured live tracks from the debut album and the B-side from Merrie Land.
  • Unfortunately, in the broadcast the band talked over some of the live tracks. The full tracks were published on the BBC Radio 4 website: A-side and B-side.
  • The session was originally scheduled to take place on 31st October 2018, but it was postponed due to "unforeseen circumstances".
  • Tickets for the session were available on the BBC website.
  • Paul Weller present.

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