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The Good, The Bad & The Queen live on Steve Lamacq, 2018


   Merrie Land
   Gun To The Head
   Nineteen Seventeen
   The Truce Of Twilight
   Lady Boston
   Three Changes

   See also the original setlist.


  • A special interview and live session broadcast live from Damon's Studio 13.
  • Live premieres of "Nineteen Seventeen", "The Truce Of Twilight" and "Lady Boston".
  • Due to technical issues, the session started about an hour later than planned.
  • Besides the members of GBQ, Stephen Sedgwick, Stephen Street and Remi Kabaka were also interviewed.
  • The intro for "Merrie Land" proved difficult for the band: The song started off shaky at this session and also at some upcoming performances.
Radio Show: Steve Lamacq
Station: BBC Radio 6 Music

Location: Studio 13, London, UK
Tour: Merrie Land
Recorded: 21 November 2018
Broadcast: Live


Steve Lamacq interviewing Damon Albarn and engineer Stephen Sedgwick
Steve Lamacq interviewing Damon Albarn and engineer Stephen Sedgwick. Photo from GBQ's Twitter.

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