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The Good, The Bad & The Queen live on Later... with Jools Holland, 20


   Merrie Land
   Gun To The Head


  • Live debuts of "Merrie Land" and "Gun To The Head".
  • Both songs were performed with the Demon Strings. "Gun To The Head" also featured four recorder players (including Damon) and a bassoonist.
  • The band's stage design featured three ventriloquist dummies; the one called 'Tommy' held a unicorn horn.
  • Watch the videos for Merrie Land and Gun To The Head.
TV Shows: Channel: BBC Two
Location: Maidstone Studios, Maidstone, UK
Tour: Merrie Land
Recorded: 30 October 2018
Broadcast: Live ("Merrie Land") and 3 November 2018 ("Gun To The Head" and "Merrie Land")

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