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Damon Albarn live on 3voor12 presenteert..., 2012


   The Golden Dawn
   Apple Carts
   O Spirit, Animate Us
   The Moon Exalted
   Apple Carts (again)
   O Spirit, Animate Us (organ intro)
   The Marvelous Dream


  • A "secret" acoustic session followed by a Q&A.
  • The 50-strong audience were competition winners.
  • No guest singers present; "The Moon Exalted" featured Damon's vocals only.
  • "Apple Carts" was played twice (only the first performance was broadcast).
  • While waiting for his guitar to be tuned for "The Marvelous Dream", Damon entertained the crowd by playing the organ intro of "O Spirit, Animate Us" / melody of "Tree Of Beauty".

Setlist and notes partly courtesy of

Show: 3voor12 presenteert... Damon Albarn!
Platform: 3voor12

Location: Desmet Studio's, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tour: Dr Dee
Recorded: 4 May 2012
  • TV: 18 May on 101.TV
  • Radio: 7 May on 3voor12radio on 3FM ("The Marvelous Dream", "The Golden Dawn", "Apple Carts" and "O Spirit, Animate Us")
  • Internet: Video on the 3voor12 website from 8 May

The ensemble
The ensemble: Mike Smith (organ), Damon Albarn (vocals/guitar) and William Lyons (flute)

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