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Damon Albarn live at Festival Acoustik Bamako 2016


   The Marvelous Dream
(Dr Dee song)
   The Moon Exalted
(Dr Dee song)
   Out Of Time
(Blur song)
(Dr Dee song)
   On Melancholy Hill
(Gorillaz song)
   unknown song
(with Ko Kan Ko Sata)
   The History Of A Cheating Heart
   Apple Carts
(Dr Dee song)
   Bamako City
(Mali Music song with
        Afel Bocoum)
   The Good, The Bad & The Queen
        (The Good, The Bad & The Queen song
        with Tony Allen)
   Sunset Coming On
(Mali Music song
        with Afel Bocoum, Toumani Diabaté

        and Tony Allen)

Please note: Guest appearance details
    are tentative and incomplete.

   Setlist courtesy of Blur North America /
    Coralie Rabadan.


Damon Albarn


The band

Photos by Studio Wane

Date: 29 January 2016
Festival: Festival Acoustik Bamako

Location: Institut Français, Bamako, Mali
Attendance: ?
Tour: none

  • A sold-out festival day. Nahawa Doumbia and Songhoy Blues performed before Damon.
  • The special guests at Damon's gig were Tony Allen, Afel Bocoum and kora player Toumani Diabaté who was also the festival director
  • The lineup of the core band:
    • Damon Albarn - vocals/guitar
    • Mike Smith - keyboards
    • Gbatokai Dakinah - bass
    • Remi Kabaka - drums
    • Arngeir Hauksson - lute
    • William Lyons - crumhorn/shawm/flute
    • Izzi Dunn and Stella Page of Demon Strings
    • Unknown kora player
  • On the previous day, Damon appeared as a surprise guest at Tony Allen's gig
  • Outside the festival, Damon visited the music school of Kirina where he was given the Malian name "Makandjan Kamissoko". Also, one of the school's classrooms was dedicated to him.

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