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Blur live at Budokan, 2014


   (Theme From Retro)
   Girls & Boys
   There's No Other Way
   Young & Lovely
   Out Of Time
   Trimm Trabb
   Coffee & TV
   No Distance Left To Run
   To The End
   Country House
   Parklife (with Phil Daniels)
   End Of A Century
   Death Of A Party
   This Is A Low

   - - Encore - -
   Yuko & Hiro
   Under The Westway
   For Tomorrow (Visit To Primrose
      Hill Extended)
   The Universal
   Song 2

Date: 14 January 2014 at 19:00
Venue: Nippon Budokan
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Support: none
Attendance: 14,500 SOLD OUT
Tour: 2013-2014 world tour

  • The only performance of "No Distance Left To Run" since 2012.
  • Damon "replaced" the missing backing singer Janet Ramus on "Coffee & TV".
  • On "Caramel", Damon changed the lyric "I've gotta find mounts hill" to "I've gotta find Fuji".
  • The final gig of the 2013-2014 tour; before the last song, Damon hugged Graham and Alex and kissed Dave on the head!

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