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Blur live at Afisha Picnic 2013


   (Theme From Retro)
   Girls & Boys
   There's No Other Way
   Out Of Time
   Trimm Trabb
   Coffee & TV
   Country House
   End Of A Century
   This Is A Low

   - - Encore - -
   'Intermission' piano riff tease
   Under The Westway
   For Tomorrow (Visit To Primrose
      Hill Extended)
   The Universal
   Song 2


The festival website
The festival website in May 2013.

Date: 13 July 2013 at 21:30
Festival: Afisha Picnic (Пикник Афиши in Russian)
Location: Main Stage, Kolomenskoye, Moscow, Russia
Attendance: ~30,000
Tour: 2013-2014 world tour

  • During "Out Of Time",
    the crowd held a few hundred fan-made sheets that read "YOU'RE OUR LOVE SONG". Also, one fan wore a paper mask of Damon's face which Damon noticed and put it on for "Country House"!
  • Damon played a bit of "Intermission" before "Under The Westway". This manner continued at the following gigs.
  • On "Under The Westway", he changed the lyric "watching comets" to "watching satellites".
  • Graham, who weared the legendary 'Cheryl' T-shirt, was in Russia for the first time.
  • There were fireworks after the gig as the festival closed.
  • Dave was DJ-ing the night before at Moscow's Projektor restobar. The rest of the band were also there.

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