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Blur live at Alcatraz, 16 May 2003


   Girls & Boys
   Gene By Gene
   For Tomorrow
   Sweet Song
   Top Man
   Tender (One minute reprise of Tender
     with electric instruments after the crowd
     was singing it - Blur were really happy of
   Out Of Time
   Crazy Beat
   Brothers & Sisters
   Song 2
   Trimm Trabb
   Battery In Your Leg

   - - Encore - -
   Popscene (Damon jumped in the middle
     of the crowd)
   On The Way To The Club
   We've Got A File On You (x2)
   This Is A Low

Date: 16 May 2003 at 21:00
Venue: Alcatraz
Location: Milan, Italy
Support: none
Attendance: 3,000 SOLD OUT
Tour: Think Tank

Damon at Alcatraz
Damon at Alcatraz.

Concert ticket
Concert ticket scan by Massimiliano.

May-Jun 2003 tour itinerary book
May-Jun 2003
tour itinerary book

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