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Blur live at Electric Ballroom, 1999



    The band also played the beginning of
    "My Sharona" between "Uncle Love" and     "Inertia".


Damon at Electric Ballroom
Damon at Electric Ballroom.

Date: 6 September 1999 at 19:30 (doors)
Venue: Electric Ballroom

Location: Camden, London, UK
Support: ?
Attendance: 1,000
Tour: none

  • The B-sides gig part of the band's 10th anniversary celebrations.
  • Video-streamed live on the website of the Blur:X exhibition.
  • A selection of songs feature on The Blur App and Blur Fan Club's B-Sides Gig EP.
  • The venue was packed and got very hot due to insufficient air conditioning. About 100 people had to leave before the gig ended.


Explain, Mace, Threadneedle Street, Peach, Bone Bag, I'm Fine, Uncle Love, Inertia, Luminous, Tame, Fried, I Love Her, Swallows In The Heatwave, No Monsters In Me, Down, Polished Stone, Supa Shoppa, Young & Lovely, Day Upon Day

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