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Blur live on Perfect 10, 1997


   Country Sad Ballad Man (acoustic)
   Death Of A Party (acoustic)


  • Acoustic performance by Damon and Graham.
  • 17 fans were in the audience.
  • According to The New Paper, Damon and Graham acted "bored" and "disinterested". DJ Glenn Ong, who interviewed the band, commented after the show: "It was an absolute waste of time... I should have spent my time at home with my dog, Manfred." The New Paper article was scanned by Tawfiq and sent me by Ewa - thank you!
Radio Show: Up Close And Personal (?)
Station: Perfect 10

Location: Perfect 10's Lobby Studio, Singapore, Singapore
Tour: Blur
Recorded: 11 November 1997
Broadcast: 11 November 1997 (live?)

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