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Blur live at Riviera, 1997

Notes (thanks Todd!):
  • The doors opened very late for the show and it was very cold outside. The street team were giving out cassette singles for "Song 2" while people waited in line.
  • The show opened with Damon playing "Beetlebum" solo, acoustic, while sitting on a small wooden stool. The band came out and they went into "Song 2". Although I cannot remember the order of the songs, they did play "To The End", "Girls & Boys", "Jubilee", "For Tomorrow", "Chinese Bombs", "I'm Just A Killer For Your Love", "Country House", "Popscene", "M.O.R.", "On Your Own" and "Parklife" as well. I am positive "Parklife" was either the second or third to last song. The last song played was "Theme From Retro".
Date: 15 March 1997
Location: Chicago, USA
Support: Papas Fritas and Assembly Line People Program
Attendance: 2,500
Tour: Blur


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