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Blur live at RDS Showgrounds, 1996


   Tracy Jacks
   Charmless Man
   It Could Be You
   End Of A Century
   Chinese Bombs
   Mr. Robinson's Quango /
      Intermission organ melody
   Nite Klub (The Specials cover with
      Terry Hall)
   Globe Alone
   Bank Holiday
   This Is A Low

   - - Encore - -
   Song 2
   Girls & Boys
   Country House
   He Thought Of Cars
   For Tomorrow (Visit To Primrose
      Hill Extended)
   There's No Other Way
   To The End
   The Universal


Concert ticket
Concert ticket (from The Daily Edge).

Concert itinerary for the Blur crew
Concert itinerary for
the Blur crew.

Date: 22 June 1996
Venue: RDS Showgrounds
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Support: Black Grape and Supergrass

Attendance: ~30,000 SOLD OUT (?)
Tour: pre-Blur

  • One of the biggest non-festival gigs the band have ever played.
  • 13,000 tickets were sold on the first day of sale.
  • Terry Hall performed on "Nite Klub".
  • Many fans, especially those only familiar with Parklife and The Great Escape, were left rather bemused by the heavier new tunes "Chinese Bombs" and "Song 2".
  • Damon's tracksuit top read "ICELAND", a country where the band were shortly going to record some of their new album.
  • Broadcast on BBC Radio 1.

Damon at RDS Showgrounds
Damon at RDS Showgrounds.

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