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Blur live at The Food Xmas Party, 1991


   Never Clever
   There's No Other Way

The setlist is incomplete and
may not be in order.


Photo by Ed Sirrs / Camera Press.

Event ticket
Event ticket (from Ticket collector).

Date: 21 December 1991 at 17:00 (doors)
Event: The Food Xmas Party
Location: Brixton Academy, London, UK
Attendance: ?
Tour: Leisure

  • A fundraising show organized by Food Records. All proceeds went to the Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital.
  • The Food Xmas Party cassette was given away as a gig freebie.
  • "Never Clever" performed possibly for the first time.
  • Other bands on the bill were Blur's label mates: Jesus Jones, Diesel Park West, Sensitize and Whirlpool.

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