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Blur live at Lee's Palace, 1991


   She's So High

The setlist is incomplete.
Courtesy of Imprint.


Advert for the shows at Lee's Palace
An advert for shows at Lee's Palace
(thanks Moritz!)

Date: 28 October 1991 at 21:00
Venue: Lee's Palace
Location: Toronto, Canada
Support: That's It

Attendance: ?
Tour: Leisure

  • Blur's first gig in North America.
  • Earlier on the day, there was a special showcase gig where the band played at least "There's No Other Way", "She's So High" and "Bang". This show apparently took place at Lee's Palace as well.
  • The scheduled support band Slowdive couldn't perform and were replaced by That's It.



Concert ticket
Concert ticket (from Tyler Bundy
with thanks to Ewa).

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