Camden Falcon 1990

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Camden Falcon 1990

Post by Dizzzy » 22 May 2020, 06:10

ok ok so this guy Paul reed, right? - I Know

hes got a gig from march 1990 and omg it has the seymour song Tell me, Tell me. I literally remember the first time i saw this video popup in feb 2018. i comented hey could you upload the rest? n he said yea ill "g e t r o u n d t o i t" and its been over two years now and people are asking him to upload it but it seems like he literally has n o time at all you could say hes o u t o f t i m e haha get it? ahh.

so you know im not telling you guys to bust down his door and demand the blur gig, but you know comment on the vid so that he can see that people actually want to see it uploaded. - I Love Her

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Re: Camden Falcon 1990

Post by roransu » 10 May 2022, 13:23

Sorry to mods if bumping threads this old isn't allowed.

I've kind of given up trying to track this guy down, I'm now running under the assumption he's just being a gimp and vaulting the concert simply because he can.

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