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Sledge Hammer
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Re: Ambulance

Post by Sledge Hammer » 27 Feb 2015, 21:34

They would all benefit from Graham, imagine him thrashing along with the last part of this! Another song on Think Tank spoilt by not really hearing the band... (proper drums here, not overdubbed cloudy stuff)

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Re: Ambulance

Post by Daysleeper » 27 Feb 2015, 22:03

Great song, poor production on Think Tank didn't let it breath the way it should have done, live it was phenomenal! Same goes for On the way to the club.

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Re: Ambulance

Post by anothermario » 28 Feb 2015, 03:34

ah yeah the thing that always puts me off of Think Tank in general is that it sounds like all the songs have so much more potential. I guess Graham's departure had a lot to do with it, but even lyrically somehow there seems to be something missing. It's got soul but I think it's the only blur album I'd describe as lacking energy

but having said that, it's blur and it's not that bad. Alex is great on there
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