Suede - Autofiction

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Suede - Autofiction

Post by dparrott » 29 Jan 2023, 16:21

WOW. Best album since Coming Up imo. My only complaint is that the digital version is very LOUD, probably brickwalled to death. I'd love to hear what a vinyl rip sounds like.

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Re: Suede - Autofiction

Post by bugman » 24 May 2023, 21:12

Fantastic record 🍎

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Re: Suede - Autofiction

Post by Redneck » 25 May 2023, 14:46

No arguments here. One of my favourites from last year and rate it higher than Night Thoughts and The Blue Hour.

And Head Music.

Vinyl rip won't sound much better - my copy's also very slightly off-centre so sounds a bit wobbly.

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