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Trimm Trabb
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A Question For The Elders Of The Old Forum

Post by Trimm Trabb » 07 Jan 2020, 09:50

Oh, hello again. Sorry I'm not here more often.

The reason I'm back here is this: The Folding Laptop Of The Future, displayed at the 2020 CeS show this week.

A vivid memory flashed into my mind from the old Blur forum, just before the spambot war, and I think, around the time the Blannies forum was created. Does anyone remember a thread about a random user who claimed to know the future of technology, and had "pictures from the future" about how computers were going to look? I'm probably going back some 10, 12 years here, but someone predicted laptops would open up, and both "sides" of the laptop would be screens. And we, in our mid-2000s "this is as good as technology will get" mindset, sort of just laughed at it. Time travel? Impossible, pah. Don't be silly, keys and buttons will be around forever.

But here we are, probably over a decade from that weird time-travelling post on the old forum, we now have that user's vision of double-screened, foldable laptops.

Does anyone else remember this or am I appearing like some tin hat nut? xD

Nice to see you all again btw. x
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Re: A Question For The Elders Of The Old Forum

Post by stephen » 07 Jan 2020, 11:15

I never recall that particular thread. But did he work in the industry? There's a tonne of stuff that exist online/youtube about the inner workings of large technology companies. Bill Gates openly talked about the Surface tablet/laptop decades before it was released, saying they were creating a tablet device that you can draw on but also use as an office/meeting device, this was way before the ipad came out. Also everyone knew that apple were creating a hybrid of their ipod with a phone years before it came out. What I am trying to say is predicting where technology is heading is quite easy if you look at the right channels.

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Re: A Question For The Elders Of The Old Forum

Post by tom_cas1 » 03 Apr 2020, 05:03

I don't remember the thread either, but god damn it, it's great to see you again Trimmy!
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