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Postby 3d » 01 Apr 2016, 20:00

years ago there used to be "record fares" which would occasionally take place my area.. I'd save up in advance and spend an hour or so walking around a huge room of cd stalls looking for live blur bootlegs.. was sooo exciting and usually walked away with 2 cd's which wiped me out :lol: was always difficult deciding between a handful of options, but always raced home excited to listen..

.. here is one I picked up which I haven't noticed about the net really, I hope it will give someone the excitement I experienced when I took it home all those years ago =.=

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Re: Jackpot

Postby Veikko » 05 Apr 2016, 21:29

Cheers, nice to have this!

For those that didn't know, the bootleg has a few 'The Adventure Club' session tracks that make their online debut (as far as I know).

The full tracklisting: http://www.vblurpage.com/discography/bo ... tm#jackpot
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Re: Jackpot

Postby tom_cas1 » 07 Apr 2016, 12:38

Awesome, thanks 3d!! Downloading now. :D
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