Graham in the studio with Duran Duran...

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Re: Graham in the studio with Duran Duran...

Post by Sledge Hammer » 18 Aug 2019, 06:52

Mallard No. 22 wrote:
17 Aug 2019, 05:40
The glossiness surrounding the 'Rio' album (videos, fashions etc) overshadowed the fact that it was a very good album.
Exactly now time has past the songs shine at how good they were, unlike the Culture Club's, Wham etc....

Yes Secret Oktober another from the Seven And The Ragged sessions, brilliant stuff...

Another one that I am now addicted to, that chorus! "Shadows On Your Side"

Only shame for me is the route they went with the next album, "Notorious" the funk route and less energy, they did bounce back a few times over the years though, seems like Andy Taylor made the difference, but they always fall out sadly...

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Mallard No. 22
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Re: Graham in the studio with Duran Duran...

Post by Mallard No. 22 » 26 Aug 2019, 18:58

Yes good points Sledge Hammer, and as you suggest, Wham! and Culture Club were not all bad but their songs are more rooted in that time.
"Everybody's Doing It...So Do It Too...."

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Re: Graham in the studio with Duran Duran...

Post by dparrott » 01 Sep 2019, 05:48

Yea Shadows is one of my favorites. One of their darker songs.

I remember when the Notorious album came out, it was kind of confusing, like "who is this band?" That and Big Thing were not their best.

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