Sister Rust - TGTB&TQ live?

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Sister Rust - TGTB&TQ live?

Post by rich » 22 Apr 2019, 16:50

Just listening through my videos of TGTB&TQ at the London Palladium the other night and marveling again at the tightness of the band and Damon's top notch singing...

... and I thought - wouldn't Sister Rust make a great TGTB&TQ live song :) :)

You'd get Tony's scattering beats, Simon's shimmering guitar figures, the Demon Strings doing all the orchestral bits (with Mike filling in), Paul laying down earth-shattering bass rumbles and Damon's crooning over the top...

Sister Rust

Green Fields at the London Palladium

Not gonna happen though :( :(
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Re: Sister Rust - TGTB&TQ live?

Post by munch » 25 Apr 2019, 05:27

yeh love it!
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