The Sky Is Too High Turns 20

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The Sky Is Too High Turns 20

Post by vitekm » 10 Aug 2018, 16:30

Graham´s solo debut - and in fact first solo album / significant side project by anyone from Blur - was released exactly 20 years ago! ... 9X&index=6" onclick=";return false;

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Re: The Sky Is Too High Turns 20

Post by aldamasta » 11 Aug 2018, 03:49

An absolutely brilliant record imo, and one that has meant so much to me over the years. I hope that Graham will play at least a few songs from it on his upcoming solo tour!

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Simon le bon
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Re: The Sky Is Too High Turns 20

Post by Simon le bon » 12 Aug 2018, 16:33

A day is far too long is a gem.
It’s the first song that I heard from the man (my uncle managed to rip 4 songs from Kazaa or soulseek, sorry Graham) in autumn 2001. I remember my mind instantly blown away..the 13 year old teenager that I was at the time was expecting something more « blury », but was touched very deeply in my heart by the melancholy of that song.what a beautiful chords progression, graham’s finger style,the arrangement with the melodica...everything in this track is unique and perfect.
I hope graham will play it live someday

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Re: The Sky Is Too High Turns 20

Post by Daysleeper » 12 Aug 2018, 22:02

Definitely one of his better solo albums in my opinion. Some great angst and melancholy on it.

Always loved That’s all I want to do and I wish.

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Re: The Sky Is Too High Turns 20

Post by northernmonkey » 15 Aug 2018, 11:47

Haven’t listened to this since it’s release, what a great album, hard to believe this was actually released before 13, one of Coxon’s better albums.

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