What's your Blur story?

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Re: What's your Blur story?

Post by TripleJay97 » 09 May 2015, 06:10

It's late 2009, I'm 12 years old, and I'm obsessed with Guitar Hero games. My music taste is entirely based in metal and all of it's form. I go out on the release day of the new Guitar Hero game, purchase it, and immediately run back home to give it that first play. The series being famous for it's metal music background, I'm surprised to find a lot more mellow songs on there. Examples include Dylan's 'All Along the Watchtower' and Gorillaz' 'Feel Good Inc.' I've heard of Gorillaz before this point, but I don't know much about them, assuming they were some sort of electronic band (who has time for those, right :roll:). Playing the song, I'm surprised to find it's quite funky and guitar-y. Playing the song over and over on the game, I get curious, and ask my dad what he knows about Gorillaz. He hands me a CD with four strange characters on the cover and says "Keep it. I bought it for the singles. It doesn't work as an album very well."

I take the CD and I lie in bed with my Discman, playing it over and over again. It's unlike anything I've ever heard before. It's dance, it's rock and roll, it's classical, it's spoken-word, it's massive, it's beautiful, it's... blowing my mind. I need to hear more. My dad doesn't have any more albums by this mysterious cartoon band. I ask my mother, and she hands me a CD with yellow, blue, green and pink squares on it, with four bug eyed men in the squares. The one in the blue square has hair quite like me... I ask her why she gave me a CD by Blur when I asked for Gorillaz and she responds "I just think you'd like it".

I play this CD and I'm immediately slapped in the face with a descending slide guitar riff, which sounds strange and eerie to me. Then the singer starts singing and it takes me about a minute to click: "THISSINGERSTHESAMESINGER!" I go apeshit, for lack of a better word, when the second song is one I've loved all my life but knew nothing about. Listening to the whole album the first time, the only songs I'm not too fond of are There's No Other Way, Tender and No Distance Left to Run. I love how fun everything sounds. I can air guitar to Charmless Man and For Tomorrow (an extended version, unbeknownst to me). I can sing along to songs like Parklife and She's So High on their second listen because of their overall lyrical simplicity, but I love them for that. This is the most fun I've ever had listening to music. I decide to go through my mother's CD collection again and find and album called 'The Great Escape'. I like this one even more than that other album. I think He Thought Of Cars is quite a sad song. It's all so lovely and funny. These people they sing about are so strange, who is this Mr. Robinson and what the fuck is a Quango. WOW this guitarist is good! I've become obsessed. I fall asleep every night listening to these songs every night and wake up every morning with a smile on my face.

It's early 2015, and I'm 18 years old. I own every Blur album, several CD singles, the 10 year boxset, the 21 box, two DVD's, and all sorts of merchandise. I'm standing in Asda, staring at a shelf which holds several copies of a CD with a neon ice cream on the front. I pick it up, pay for it and leave the shop, trying and failing to contain my excitement. Life is sweet.

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Re: What's your Blur story?

Post by metalhipslop » 09 May 2015, 16:27

Sean wrote:Haha! I've just had a thread locked for some bizarre reason. On the face of it it may seem fluffy but I think there's an interesting discussion to be had, and it was this post that triggered it:
metalhipslop wrote:not much of a story, i'm not a good writer but it is simple. loved gorillaz (still do, better than blur OOPS :oops: ) found out about damon albarn, amazed to find his old band does the woo hoo song, listened to their songs and liked them then loved them after listening to their albums over and over.
eh, it's always been a damon albarn love affair
Some will come it from a big Damon angle, others Graham, others might've been attracted by Alex's bass playing, etc. They each make such strong and idiosyncratic contributions I think it's a worthwhile chat. :mrgreen:

Ah well.
while i do love damon as a hero of mine and big inspiration the other 3 and blur are great and inspiring, especially alex, since i'm a bass player... his way of playing showed me how to not follow exactly what the guitar player is doing.
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Re: What's your Blur story?

Post by Jason » 09 May 2015, 18:16

Great stories here!

Mine is so much simpler. Somehow in high school when I was visiting Toronto (I'm from Detroit) I bought the self titled album, along with a Pixies album. I don't remember why and I don't think I was aware of Song 2 being on it. I liked it but not enough to look into it more until early college when I got 13, which I liked well enough but wasn't super into (hard to believe).

Then a year after college a friend gave me an old 90s british compilation cd which had Girls & Boys and Chemical World on it, which was a chance for them to grow on me, and then I got the rest of the catalog. I had known of their britpop time because of oasis and wanted to like them but it took the compilation for it to stick.

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Re: What's your Blur story?

Post by author_unknown » 09 May 2015, 20:30

Bloody love all these stories!!

Mine starts in 1994, I was 10, and my mum was just about to sign up for the Britannia music club. The introductory offer was "5 CDs for £30" or something similar; she chose 2 and I chose 3. I got Eternal, East 17, and Parklife. :?

From then on I was hooked and bought each release the day it came out. I vividly remember buying Country House; our local Our Price had an end panel devoted to "Blur V Oasis", right in front of the entrance, and I hid every copy of Roll With It behind a Blur CD.

Twenty years later, they're still the one band that make me feel, I don't know, young? As sad as it sounds, I can't imagine my life without them. :roll: :oops:
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Re: What's your Blur story?

Post by AdvertBreak » 09 May 2015, 21:29

AdvertBreak wrote:From before I was born my dad had Parklife and then numerous songs on compilations (Two editions of 'The Best Anthems...Ever!' (which I think were just after I was born) IIRC carried Song 2 and The Universal for example) so from my very early life I was raised on them, or at least this. The title track of Parklife for example is a track I can think about as I used to hear it back in 2001 or whatever when I was very young. I never played Parklife in full but I liked Girls & Boys, Parklife, Bank Holiday and Lot 105. I most distinctly remember that in 2002 shortly after my fifth birthday I included Parklife on a list of my favourite songs my dad burnt onto a CD-R for me and then another one afterwards with Girls & Boys on it.

In mid/late 2004 I started watching music channel VH2 which introduced me to a shitload of music, and it was also here I first knew of many other Blur tracks. Beetlebum was included on this list of the 'Indie 500' at I think #60 and we had just got a DVD-R recorder at the time and I recorded an hour long DVD of the list starting from Beetlebum so I quickly grew to that. Somewhere down the line in 2005 I was bought The Best of and played it to death and On Your Own became my favourite song for quite a while. At the end of that year I also bought with my first ever piece of my own money (birthday money from a distant relative I believe) Think Tank which I liked about half of. It sounds completely stupid but We've Got a File on You was my favourite (something about being 8 means you prefer short spiky songs to the real highlights) and I already knew it from a compilation called The Alternative Album.

I sort of kept this same knowledge until 2009 as Blur were reuniting. I remember asking for Midlife the day it was released and was pleased to see it there when I got home. I played through many of the songs I already knew and when Bugman came on I was wondering WTF I was listening to. It scared me sort of and I didn't actually play all of it the first time. I'd made the shit accusation it was from Think Tank (because about a year before the internet told me of Me White Noise but when I went looking for it I had my ear up to the speaker with Phil shouting "Me White Noise! etc. etc." so I'd assumed the stuff I hadn't listened to on the album for years was weird stuff like this).. Well anyway I found out it was on 13 which I'd assumed was a quiet, fairly straightforward album (thanks Best of!) but Bugman quickly grew on me, very much so, becoming my favourite track. By the time I joined the Blur forum in July 2011 anyway, I had all the albums, numerous singles, random merch, and my favourite Blur song had changed over many times.
I should add that I've known Gorillaz since 2001 because I knew Clint Eastwood. By the time they returned in 2005 I knew it was Damon Albarn of Blur. One of my dad's mates did me a copy of Demon Days but I didn't play it much, but I knew Feel Good Inc, Dare and Dirty Harry well when they were singles and had them on Now albums 61, 62 and 63. I also bought Gorillaz in a Pink Planet second hand shop in 2006 and the Soulchild Remix of 19-2000 was my favourite song for a while. By the time Plastic Beach came out I was hooked on Blur.

I knew Freakin' Out in 2005 by Graham Coxon because of some compilation or another (I believe its the same 'Alternative Album') and used to play it alongside The Vines' Ride and Steriogram's Walkie-Talkie Man from the same compilation. I didn't even knew he was Blur's guitarist until a few years later!

Funniest of all, where Alex is concerned, Vindaloo was possibly my earliest favourite song. There's a video of me singing it aged 2! Talk about early nostalgia..

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Re: What's your Blur story?

Post by Miki » 09 May 2015, 22:56

xdrake24 wrote:I am a new member here (after months of lurking) and I decided to create a account, and what better way to introduce myself than this thread?
Welcome aboard!
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Re: What's your Blur story?

Post by Bathstreet » 10 May 2015, 03:47

Late one night in New Zealand I saw Girls and Boys and thought it was great track but blur would be another hit wonder. I remember thinking that the guy wasn't a great singer.

Role on a few months and I hear Charmless Man. From there I buy TGE, Parklife and the rest. Within 6 months I'm a member of the blur fan club and in 1997 I got to see them in Auckland. So pleased I saw them when they were still a full time outfit.

Blur was and is my favourite band after the Beatles.

Got heaps of my friends into blur from heavy rotation too

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Re: What's your Blur story?

Post by sara-m-a » 10 May 2015, 03:52

I'm 32 now and my love affair with blur has been going on since 95', we've been together, madly in love, diverced and in love again...

I'm 12 I have this massive crush on a class mate since first grade, we are friends... he's a music fan and he tells me about this super fun band and this hilarious video, I pay attention, he's my damn crush... so he makes a copy of the great escape, I love it... I love it so much that I beg my parents to get me the original tape, a copy is just not cutting it... I listed to it every day while I do my shores at home, after school, the tape wears thin... I need the CD, i spend so much time looking a the booklet, these images, the videos... it's not long until I ask for another album, each birthday, christmas is another album, I love them, I'm completely taken with their music it makes me freaking happy, I now have several posters of blur covering my walls, I weep in a corner listening to "to the end", my teenage years go on, I move to another school, that boy grew to be not so cute... I forget about him. I'm very much into music, I start listening to the bands my older brother listens, the very same that sounded too frightening when I was 5, I get into nine inch nails, faith no more, some rock and metal... Still I love blur, in art class I make a potrait of Damon that looks like a photo, he's perfect and so is the drawing, I got a 7.0 the highest mark, my classmates are impressed.

Then I go to the uni, gorillaz appears, I hear the news about this new Albarn project, I must have this album too, I loved it, it sounds so different to everything else, it has rap! I've never liked that, I'm conflicted... I love it anyways...
I met new people, new music, I get more and more into the metal stuff, suddenly blur sounds far too innocent, far too rooted in my childhood, I move on, it pains me a bit, I play the cds every now and then, I know everything, every sound, every word by heart, I keep skipping the tracks, I don't listen to them anymore... it's all in my head anyways, why bother? Live goes on.... I need money, I sell all my collection, I feel wary.. like I'm making a huge mistake, of course it was, something happens, I don't remember what I don't remember the year, but I start listening again, they make me happy... but I have just mp3s, it doesn't feel right, I buy one by one all the albums again, from record stores, off ebay... and then I'm very pissed! they launch blur21, just when I finished buying again all the damn stuff... argh, I need that bloody box, it gets here I love it!! so many stuff!!

They're touring, oh god this could be the time... I hope and hope, then I move, I make a page, I ask people to join me, Blur must tour america! "north and south", is a ruse.. I need the likes, I'm just interested in them coming to Chile, they have never come before, they were close... but Pinochet was held in London, some old ladies thew eggs and flour at the embassy, suddenly here is not "safe", they never made it... But now it could be, this thing is gaining momentum, there are rumours, it's taking ages to have confirmation, YES!! they're coming! finally, I'm exited! I buy my ticket front row at midnight, they arrive here, I do something I've never done before I go to the airport, smoggy is sneaky and makes us belive they'll take another route to the bus, we have to run, I see them board, they're there 20 feets away, Alex posses in the bus windows for photos, he's loving it, Graham looks bewildered, I wave my copy of one of his records to no avail, he never sees me, Damon's looking elsewhere, people shout his name and he looks back just a couple times, what a dick I think! A friend of mine convinces me to go to the hotel, I wait and wait for hours, I have work tomorrow, but then Dave shows up at the reception, she phones me, come asap! I get there just in time, there's a neat little queu, we talk to Dave, we take pictures I have - mind you- a blurry one.. he's nice, then a LOT more people shows up, there's no longer a queue, he decides to flee.... I have work, so I leave, as I get home, my friend calls me, come back! I'm at the hotel's bar, I'm looking at them... argh why did I have to leave?

The day finally comes, the concert, more waiting under the sun, I hate it... but I know it will be worth it, the masses go wild, I feel like I'll faint, they take me to places and I have no control of my body, the music starts and people press forward, I'm being squished to uncomfortable levels, it's hot, it's hard to breathe, but they appear and I forget everything, it's magic, a comunal mass, and we're all here for this religious experience, the concert goes by, at one point, in the middle of some great riffs by Graham, Damon stands still, he looks at us, he smirks, he's tilting his head up, he's beautiful and smug and he's loving every minute of us going apeshit, I'm so screwed I'm deeply in love again with them...

I just got the record today, I had to phone some stores to see where to get it, the first one tells me they've run out of copies, the second one has copies, and I for the first time in 12 years approach a record store to walk off with a new Blur album in my purse, today was a good day... I hope the future holds more days like this one

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Re: What's your Blur story?

Post by Macducci » 10 May 2015, 04:30

I'm only 20, but since i was a little kid, i was interested by music, my first contacts with Blur were with Song 2 (obvious) in the FIFA 98 soundtrack and in various commercials and TV shows, as the song is very overplayed that time and Coffee and TV, i watch a lot of MTV that time and they showed the music video many times, and of course as a child, i fell in love with the Milky history. My father had a DVD called '' Best of Rock '' or something too, with Song 2 Music is My Radar videos, very different songs that I so find it was the same band after a very long time :lol:.

But i really got into Blur by Gorillaz, when the Clint Eastwood video began to be showed every time, i found the greatest thing in the world, soon after, my father bought the album and me and my brothers listened together many many times, we really love it, every single track, even though that ''madness'' of different genres mixed, when I hear any music of this album, i have a great nostalgia time. I only find that it was the same singer of Blur when the Crazy Beat music video begans to be showed on MTV and a presenter commented that.

In 2006 or 2007, i was so addicted to Demon Days that i started checking ''Damon's earlier band'', i heard the Best Of and quickly fell in love, so i start checking all their records, videos and they easily became one of my favorite bands, perhaps second only for Radiohead. Unfortunately i could't see them here in Brazil in 2013, but i am really sure i will get to finally see them live this year.

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Re: What's your Blur story?

Post by JordanPowers » 10 May 2015, 14:53

I found out about Blur when looking for music that sounds similar to Gorillaz and someone suggested that Blur should be looked towards if I want Gorillaz-esque music. I listened to to Think Tank, 13, and Blur and I was absolutely sold on their music, although it did take me a bit to appreciate Modern Life is Rubbish and Parklife, I eventually loved those albums as well. From that point on, I became a big fan of Damon Albarn's discography in general, even his side projects and solo work like The Good The Bad and The Queen as well as his soundtrack work and whatnot. It wasn't until a while after I became a Damon Albarn fan that I became a Graham Coxon fan and started listening to his work, and I fell in love with A+E and Love Travels at Illegal Speeds. So really, my love for Blur happened mainly because of me being a Gorillaz fan, wanting more Gorillaz-y music. I do not regret becoming their fan at all.
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Re: What's your Blur story?

Post by Seona Dancing » 10 May 2015, 21:32

Whats happened to the other Blur forum? Don't really have a Blur story. They've been around for as long as I can remember. Couldn't avoid them at one point. Their songs seemed to be constantly on every radio station back in the 90's. Earliest memories would be out on the road as a kid playing football with mates on saturdays mornings, with Parklife being blared out the window of the house or the car radio in the driveway.

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Re: What's your Blur story?

Post by 101reykjavik » 10 May 2015, 22:49

Seona Dancing wrote:Whats happened to the other Blur forum? Don't really have a Blur story. They've been around for as long as I can remember. Couldn't avoid them at one point. Their songs seemed to be constantly on every radio station back in the 90's. Earliest memories would be out on the road as a kid playing football with mates on saturdays mornings, with Parklife being blared out the window of the house or the car radio in the driveway.
It was just annouced it would be closing back last year and that was it, no reasons as to why. Was left as a locked, read only site for a short while and then one day - bam, turned off completely.

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Re: What's your Blur story?

Post by Mrbriggs » 10 May 2015, 23:05

I liked Gorillaz when I was younger. Heard of Blur a little but never really listened to them. At some point I got into Song 2 and Girls & Boys. Never really bothered listening to anymore til I got bored at some point and was trying to find new music, I ended up hearing There's No Other Way and Charmless Man, and I got hooked, and started listening to more. Eventually I got hooked.

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Re: What's your Blur story?

Post by Seona Dancing » 10 May 2015, 23:09

101reykjavik wrote:
Seona Dancing wrote:Whats happened to the other Blur forum? Don't really have a Blur story. They've been around for as long as I can remember. Couldn't avoid them at one point. Their songs seemed to be constantly on every radio station back in the 90's. Earliest memories would be out on the road as a kid playing football with mates on saturdays mornings, with Parklife being blared out the window of the house or the car radio in the driveway.
It was just annouced it would be closing back last year and that was it, no reasons as to why. Was left as a locked, read only site for a short while and then one day - bam, turned off completely.
Strange, as it was quite active for a bands forum. Even more so for a band who were hardly active themselves

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Re: What's your Blur story?

Post by mr_spenalzo » 11 May 2015, 18:24

In early autumn of 1993, I was 14, we got MTV. During the same week I first heard Suede ("Animal Nitrate" was on high rotation) I saw Blur do "For Tomorrow" and "Chemical World" on Ray Cokes' fantastic MTV Most Wanted (I also first saw new video's by Duran Duran, Depeche Mode and Bowie at the same time... it was a beautiful spring!).

I absolutely loved what I heard, loved what I saw, but couldn't afford to buy the CD's yet (what I did manage to save was spent on death metal records: I had a reputation to think of!)

(I think during an interview on the same show Damon and the boys said they'd pose nude for free; I was amazed nobody called their bluff two years later!)

When "Girls & Boys" came out a year later it was the favourite song of my Take That loving sister. She was much better at saving her pocket money than I was, and I convinced her to buy Parklife (and then Modern Life Is Rubbish). It was played to death at home and in the family car during the summer holidays that year. The whole damn family was hooked ever since.

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