"The Magic Whip" Ice Cream (+download of Y'All Doomed)

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Re: "The Magic Whip" Ice Cream (+download of Y'All Doomed)

Post by tom_cas1 » 10 Aug 2015, 20:36

I didn't see those tweets. And anyway 12th June is still over a month since they were announced, so still not great.
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Re: "The Magic Whip" Ice Cream (+download of Y'All Doomed)

Post by JackS » 18 Aug 2015, 13:24

So - some of these ice cream FINALLY turned up at my local co op (!)

Anyway: lovely ice cream, and for my first listen of Y'All Doomed since I bought the 7" - it's a great little track isn't it! One of the best Blur instrumentals. Reminds me of a cross between Gorillaz (Ghost Train / White Light) and The Golden D.

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