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Re: Think Tank at 12

Post by Leahscarlet2 » 05 May 2015, 06:41

I think TT is great.. Some really great songs on there.
Ambulance, Out of Time, Good Song, On the Way to the Club, Caravan, Sweet Song, Jets, Gene by Gene, Battery in Your Leg
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Re: Think Tank at 12

Post by TripleJay97 » 05 May 2015, 07:09

Gene by Gene gets too much hate. Great tune.

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Re: Think Tank at 12

Post by JackS » 05 May 2015, 08:23

elasticaman wrote:i didnt listen to the album for a long time
othe rthan the live broadcast of the astoria set
never downloaded it

because i was definately a graham fanboy more than a damon fanboy
and remembe rthis was 2003, i had the strokes, the white stripes, ikara colt, and well a million other records i was rocking to

i still dont think id bothered listening to the album come Leeds Festival, but still cared enough to see them
that was the moment my heart was stolen, such a beautiful warm set

some one traded me a copy of the album for a bootleg
and i loved it!

now i may not play crazy beat or brothers and sisters, i never liked the latter but crazy beat was fun in its own way, just not really as part of this album. i love gene by gene, a really great clash knock off

the album has some amazing basslines (the lack of graham really allowed alex to shine), and some of damons best vocals and lyrics.

we got a file on you is every bit as good as bank holiday, globe alone, bluremi etc

but with out of time, good song, sweet song, battery in your leg, damon was on fire (not to mention he had released the majestic sunset coming on only the year before)

as people have said, best album opening and best album finale in the blur arsenal
when its at its best it is blurs best album, just unfortunate that it slips on a few occasions

8/10 for me
and it upsets me greatly that it has been somewhat disowned since grahams return to the fold
This is one of the best descriptions of Think Tank I've ever read! Nothing said here I disagree with, my thoughts exactly.

Great album in parts, wish it more credit. And also need to echo Tom that Jets is criminally underrated.

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Re: Think Tank at 12

Post by Rubi » 05 May 2015, 08:23

The most underrated Blur album by a mile. People generally just give it a pass because there's no Graham, which is a very immature and asinine thing to do.

The quality of most songs is top notch. Ambulance, Out of Time, Good Song, Caravan, Sweet Song and Battery in Your Leg are absolutely brilliant, but also the rest of the album is incredibly good. Yes, it does suffer from the cheesiness of Crazy Beat and Gene by Gene, but if you get used to them then it's not really a problem.

I also really like Brothers & Sisters and MPRBC, which most people seem to under-appreciate. If only Damon's version of Me, White Noise was thrown in there somewhere as a regular track, the album would be twice as good!

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Re: Think Tank at 12

Post by WoodPigeon » 05 May 2015, 10:19

I remember buying TT and going home and listening it from start to finish in headphones with a beer, in a dark room.

Really wish I'd been able to do that with TMW but I'm such an information addict these days that i've been consuming every minor feed.

Anyway, 12 years ago I remember being distressed that people might not know about Me, White Noise because it was so well hidden. It's so much better than half the songs on the album.

I love Ambulance and Battery, but i mean, nearly all their albums have very strong openers and closers....

On My Way to the Club was always an odd standout to me on this album, but for me it has always been utterly vandalised by the weakness of Jets, Morrocan, Gene, File on You, Bros and Sisses and Crazy Beat. That's SIX fillers right there. Add in that I was never that impressed with Good Song, and you've got a 3.5 star album on your hands.

I still love it though :P

(edit: added Bros and Sisses to list)

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Re: Think Tank at 12

Post by Caitlin » 05 May 2015, 11:44


I seriously cannot believe it's taken me so long to see this thread.

Ok if we're going to pick favourite albums, Think Tank is mine. I can't even describe how much I love Think Tank. Possibly more than I love my boyfriend. I just told him that and he didn't even get offended because he understands what Think Tank is to me. I'm in a long term serious relationship with this album.

I don't want to turn this into a whole long post with me gushing about how much I love it... but I will, so if you don't want to deal with it you can turn away now. I might try and get poetic. Sorry.

Ambulance is one of the best album intros they've ever done. Ever. That song sets the tone for the whole entire album, and it hits the nail on the head. Alex's bass is this sexy heartbeat in the background, and the vocal harmonies just soar over everything. 3 minutes in drops and then slowly builds up again... Getting ready to take you into Out Of Time... Absolutely SUBLIME.

Out Of Time wasn't the best choice for a single imo - it's so beautiful and delicate - one of the most gentle vocal performances I think damon's delivered on an album? The string section is one of my favourite things ever. Everything is layered beautifully - Ben Hillier used a deft hand on a song that easily could've been overproduced into a hot mess. Turned it into a masterpiece.

I don't want to talk about Crazy Beat. If I'm in a relationship with this album, Crazy Beat is the song I picked up at the club, had a one nighter with, then when I woke up and looked at it in the harsh light of morning it wasn't as attractive as I'd thought... Good at the time, but doesn't do it for me anymore.

Sweet Song I can give or take... Harmonies are nice but for some reason the guitar really rubs me up the wrong way sometimes, idk.

But it all picks up again with On The Way To The Club - so could've easily gone onto 13... the last minute or so sounds like you could tack it right onto the end of Caramel without missing a beat

AND HEY OK NOW LET'S TALK ABOUT BROTHERS AND SISTERS because sometimes I think about it and get a little offended that it wasn't a single? Such a good song. Plus Damon's vocals on this are a little bit whispery and croaky and kinda sexy - I dunno, it does things for me.

I think I've spoken enough about Caravan elsewhere but it is one of my absolute favourite Damon songs ever and it makes my heart hurt an awful lot at times...

Then we hit We've Got A File On You and I want to go and jump around in a mosh pit and stamp on people's feet because it is such a FUN little song. Fit's so well on the album - it's really kinda what I wish Crazy Beat was...

Moroccan People's Revolutionary Bowls Club is one song on the album I always think I hear snippets of Graham in - maybe because I can imagine him doing the backing vocals to it so easily... Has it's real Clash moments too, dig it.

Let's move onto Sweet Song! Beautiful. And honestly some of Damon's most heartfelt lyrics? The very end with the "And now it seems that we're falling apart/But I hope I see the good in you come back again" part makes me want to cry. One hell of a love song.

Jets is really good but I can only listen to it in the context of the whole album... slow burn that I just don't have time for if it comes up with the rest of my stuff on shuffle. Superb example of Dave and Alex turning it the fuck out though and absolutely SHINING. Their performances on Jets are so so so damn good.

Anyway forty minutes later I get through Jets and hit Gene By Gene, which is another fun one - this song fills Damon's quota for at least one song with absolutely ridiculous lyrics on it. I've always had a soft spot for the do-do-do's after the line "I delete myself" because it sounds like a bit of a sad R2-D2 :lol: . Also this song left me with a deep deep need for someone to call me Jellybean as a pet name cause that's hella cute.

OK AND NOW I'M BACK TO CAPS BECAUSE BATTERY IN YOUR LEG, OK?! Cause this is another one that can get me sobbing out loud in the right moment. It's the sadder version of Sweet Song. Damon's vocals are killer. The guitar is beautiful as well. Love it. The jazzy little piano thing at the end is so good it makes me want to punch something.

Any tl;dr this is a post about how much I love Think Tank and it's pretty much just me howling about my feelings but you can deal with it. :oops:

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Re: Think Tank at 12

Post by thespider » 05 May 2015, 11:59

If only we could find someone who has an opinion on this album :lol:

I really like it. For me it's a strong 7/0. Just a shame about Crazy Beat

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Re: Think Tank at 12

Post by TripleJay97 » 05 May 2015, 12:00

thespider wrote:For me it's a strong 7/0.
Do you value it higher than life itself? :lol:

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Re: Think Tank at 12

Post by thespider » 05 May 2015, 12:07

TripleJay97 wrote:Do you value it higher than life itself? :lol:
Hhmmmm, it's a very close second :lol:

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Re: Think Tank at 12

Post by bushmonkey » 05 May 2015, 12:48

Suppose I should add my 2 cents...

I hate this album. Hate it. Can't stand it.

But then I guess it's down to personal experience. I understand a lot of fans were only getting into Blur when this came out. I became a Blur fan during the Parklife days. Bought TGE, Blur and 13 on release days. 13 left me a bit cold, but there's still some good stuff on there. By the time TT came out I was out if love with the band and I guess I've carried that coldness towards the album wit me.

I've tried to get into it. I've tried listening to it lots of times but I just can't get into it. I guess I never will...
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Re: Think Tank at 12

Post by AstronomyD81 » 05 May 2015, 13:11

I really like this album not my favourite but yes it has some amazing songs like ambulance, out of time, good song and especially for me sweet song and battery in your leg, these two always makes me wanna cry everytime, beautiful and sad lyrics :cry:

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Re: Think Tank at 12

Post by 101reykjavik » 05 May 2015, 14:33

Think Tank is great, but it loses out within the context of their other studio albums, so I can never place any higher than seventh out of the eight. I like to think of this as a reflection of the consistently high standard of Blur's output rather than painting TT in a negative light though. All the talk of Oasis in the other thread makes me think for example, to compare the quality of Oasis' seventh best album to Blur's. Well, the difference is night and day.

TT contains a few tracks which are up there with their very, very best (Out of Time, Ambulance) and a whole host of other tracks which are merely fantastic like Sweet Song, Caravan, Battery, Good Song, On the Way to the Club.

It's just that Graham shaped hole... TMW has shown that the magic happens when Damon and Graham work together. I can't help but think this album would have been right up there if only things hadn't worked out as they did.

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Re: Think Tank at 12

Post by JAIME » 05 May 2015, 14:56

Worst Blur album imho (or worst "lur" Album really).

I like Out of Time, Sweet Song, Good Song, Moroccan People, Gene by Gene and We've got a File on You though.

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Re: Think Tank at 12

Post by Jensen » 05 May 2015, 15:04

I was about to write my thoughts on Think Tank but I just read 101Reykjavik's and I 100% agree with him.

I'm one of those baboons who can't consider Think Tank a "Blur" album :? I always find it hard to place it among the rest of Blur's discography, I feel it's more distanced from it than, for instance, The Magic Whip is.

Now this doesn't mean I hate it or dismiss it, on the contrary, I love it. With the exception of Crazy Beat (which is the only Blur I hate and also kills the beautiful mood the album sets with Ambulance and Out of Time) I enjoy all of it. Even Gene by Gene (the absolute summer song until Ghost Ship was created) or We've Got a File on You. Highlights for me are Out of Time, Caravan, Good Song, Sweet Song, On the Way to the Club and Battery in your Leg (though I find this one overwhelmingly sad sometimes).
So do I love Think Tank? Yes. Do I feel like it's the 7th Blur album? That's a different issue....

I enjoyed Caitlin's love letter to Think Tank, though. Each one of us should write one to our respective favourites :)

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Re: Think Tank at 12

Post by Macducci » 05 May 2015, 15:15

the major problem is to be the sequence of 13, which to me is where the band has reached full maturity, Damon and Graham are completing each other, etc. Think Tank have really great songs like Out of Time(on my Blur top 10), Ambulance, Good Song, Battery In Your Leg, but have some songs that sounds really like some Gorillaz outtakes or Democrazy stuff; Jets, We've Got A File On You, Crazy Beat, Moroccan Peoples... It's a good album, but for me does not sound much like a group effort like their others, is like Damon with Alex and Dave as backing band. I would love to see the influence that Graham would have on the album, to me Music is My Radar is the perfect blend between Damon's influencies at the time with the Graham's noise/alternative rock influencies. But I love the fact that they recorded a disc in the Arab world, with influences from there, in the post-9/11.
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