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Re: Unheard tracks

Post by Liese » 03 Oct 2014, 07:38

but wouldn't that probably be something from his solo album/back catalogue he started playing later on tour?
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Re: Unheard tracks

Post by Veikko » 03 Oct 2014, 12:18

I think this "tease of a new song" was actually just Damon introducing Broken as "a new song we're going to play..."

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Re: Unheard tracks

Post by maffed » 03 Oct 2014, 12:21

That's possible! Maybe they just played a bit of "DAM(N)", since they put it on the setlist regularly after few weeks!
It also features the choir.. So that's a distinct possibility!
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Re: Unheard tracks

Post by Sushi » 03 Oct 2014, 18:23

I was there! The song was Broken, Damon's wording was simply unfortunate. It was the first time they had performed it; it was quite impromptu so it was introduced as "trying something new". Amazingly fun laid back gig in which something of that nature could take place. :)

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