Idea for Damon and Jamie

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Idea for Damon and Jamie

Post by munch » 23 Sep 2019, 01:05

I know they will never read this but i had an idea..

Gorillaz is great right, it's awesome. It's weird and wonderful and creepy.
And it was based on what the music scene was like when it was created, perfect bands on mtv and all that.

Well times have changed. And what you got is a great opportunity to change with the times and satire a bit more!

Here's what i'm thinking.
Just for the fun of it and probably success of it. Make Noodle go solo.

Imagine it.
Noodle's solo album.
All the articles about her moving on and how the band is grumpy and shiz. Have one performer play as noodle throughout the album. Now i'm not saying the whole has to just be one vocalist and some music caus that aint gorillaz. But she could be the main vocalists with some guest stars like rappers and 2d and all that. That could even put in the cd book or whatever that Russel came back for some drums on a few tracks and stuff.

Does not need to sound anything like the shiz on the radio, it can should like gorillaz or whatever that may sound like. But at the end of the day people will be selling Noodle. There will be music videos just her, (dare as a good example).
But the Gorillaz can still appear, just the story has moved in a different direction. I'm thinking, whatever tay tay and katy perry are doing, Noodle can do BETTER.
And people would love it caus everyone loves Noodle. And its the classic story of a young talent growing up and making her career happen.
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Re: Idea for Damon and Jamie

Post by davidsutter » 24 Sep 2019, 19:11

i think at some point they considered making the now now a 2D album

he's definitely canonically the only one involved with sleeping powder

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Re: Idea for Damon and Jamie

Post by John_d » 25 Sep 2019, 08:33

Yeah. A solo album is a great idea and would be really fun. They will have chewed it over. I think they were probably stopped from making The Now Now a 2D album by Warner. I think that record deal is up now, so they may be more flexible from now on.

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Re: Idea for Damon and Jamie

Post by stephen » 10 Oct 2019, 08:08

Sorry I just don't buy it, how would it work as a live show? You'd have to get a female singer for all shows and you lose the Gorillaz brand, it's basically a spin off show and we all know how well they go down.
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