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Re: Pulp Thread

Posted: 11 Apr 2017, 04:37
by Mallard No. 22
Yes, I believe it was on the b-side of 'Help The Aged', but I haven't got that single.

You're right about good b-sides. IIRC it was often the case with artists in the Britpop period.

'Mile End' by Pulp (b-side of 'Something Changed', and a little later on the 'Trainspotting' soundtrack), is a case in point.

Re: Pulp Thread

Posted: 11 Apr 2017, 07:12
by 101reykjavik
I've got the Help The Aged single on cassette somewhere. I should dig it out. :)

Re: Pulp Thread

Posted: 17 Apr 2017, 08:54
by Mallard No. 22
Some of my Blur cassette singles have 'walked' over the years.

Now when I try to replace them with CD versions, I find they have different cover art, different tracklistings etc.... :mrgreen:

I can't recreate exactly what I used to have....