Blur t-shirts (preferably vintage)

Looking for The Wassailing Song? Or selling the Blur 21 box set?

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Blur t-shirts (preferably vintage)

Post by Pavlich » 17 May 2020, 02:19


chasing a few of the classic old Blur t-shirts. They're pretty much prohibitively expensive, like a hundred quid, which is just a bit piss takey.

Maybe it's a bit cheeky, but I'm wondering if anyone here has any laying around in a medium that they'd be willing to sell for 60-ish quid? Open to negotiate.

Looking at stuff from the 90s. Anything really. The 'beer ok' reebok piss take, the Parklife beer coaster, or 13-era designs would be really interesting – even if you don't want to sell, I'd be keen to just see the designs.

Please reply here or DM me. Thanks a lot.

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