Looking for: T-Shirts (Hyde Park 2015; 90s era; any!)

Looking for The Wassailing Song? Or selling the Blur 21 box set?

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Looking for: T-Shirts (Hyde Park 2015; 90s era; any!)

Postby Pavlich » 25 Feb 2017, 13:28

G'day guys,

A few years ago I was lucky enough to see Blur at the Hyde Show park they played in London. I think I drop this into every third post on here because it was my first time seeing the band. While there I grabbed a t-shirt but whether it's because the British sizing is all skinny fit like it's still 2009, or because it shrunk when I used it to cover in the wet, the size medium I have is too small. I don't mind that as it's in prime knick from the gig, probably with some London rain embedded into it...

It is a white t-shirt with the ice cream dude on the front, with 'blur' in red letters and the information and date underneath it.

But, if anyone owns or knows where to get this size in a men's large (or extra-large) please let me know. This is from the 2015 concert.

There haven't been any online since from when I've searched, so I'm guessing these may have been only available from the merch desk on the day.

Also related, if anyone has a t-shirt from the 90s era, especially Parklife but perhaps 13, I'd love to buy it off you. The Parklife Lager label ones are cool. A size medium or large would be great but an XL is fine too. In fact, any era t-shirt sans The Magic Whip would be cool if anyone is keen to let one go.

Cheers everyone.
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Re: Looking for: T-Shirts (Hyde Park 2015; 90s era; any!)

Postby MsMagicAmerica » 25 Feb 2017, 14:29

Did you try Ebay?
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